City Rain

City Rain

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The boy was confused.  His feelings were all over the place.  He wasn't sure of who he liked anymore.  He wasn't sure of anything for that matter.  Who is the right girl?  What was he going to do about college?  What was he to do about his grades?  Things weren't making sense at all.  All the boy wanted were answers.  He was done with asking questions.  Why couldn't anyone ever answer him straight?  He wasn't sure of what was truth and what was lie.  He felt his head beginning to cave in.  Every last one of his troubles, questions, and uncertainties were beginning to collapse on top of him.  The boy tried to run, escape from his mind, but he couldn't find any exists.  There were too many of his thoughts overpowering him.  The boy tried to think of the answers, but he didn't know most of them.  He needed to find the answers before he broke down again.


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