City Rain

City Rain

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Photos (finally)

Alright, so I'm having trouble uploading the pictures on this blog so if you know my facebook, you can find it there. Thanks!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I am one of the strangest people I know.  I have two of the strangest feelings right now. 
The first one:  Everything feels alright.  Like everything is falling into place.  Like God seems alright with me.  I like it, it feels good to know that I'm good in my Father's sight.  Things seem to be going well.
The second one: Something is going to happen or something good is happening right now.  I can't explain it as well.  But something will happen, something good.  I feel excited, happy, and high spirited.

I must've done something right to gain these feelings.  Maybe it was because I finally let go.  Finally stopped wondering who my eternal companionn is and where she is.  I'm not concerned anymore.  I know she's out there.  All I got to do is make the right choices, make the right decisions.  How will I know I'm on the right path?  By simply feeling the way I am right now.  I know I'm on the right track and I think it's safe to say, she's closer.  I'm almost there, I just need to do the right things now.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

You and I have changed, haven't we? We ended up going to separate paths.  Yet, you never did let go, did you?  When I told you to let go, to forget about me because you and I were never going to see each other, you still held on to some hope that we could be something.  I didn't want to say it, but I was skeptical.  I didn't think it could happen.  I don't think it will.  Yet, you're still hoping.  Anything I say won't kill your hope.  What am I going to do with you?  My plan is waiting.  I still have my mission to serve.  It'll give me plenty of time away and it'll help me discover myself.  Granted, I already know who I am, but maybe, it'll help me discover something I never even knew about myself.  Something I've never known.  I can't wait until I'm 19.  That's when I'll make the journey from A to B.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Photo Update #2

Alrighty, so in about a week or so, I will be joining my dad on this year's deer hunt. I will be hunting, however for something else different. Photographs. Excellent ones. You see, my dad came back from elk hunting without an elk but with amazing photos of an aspen tree forest and on top of mountain ranges. I am not going to miss it now that I have this incredible opportunity for incredible fall photos. The only requirement for this trip, however, is to take care of school related assignments. Once those are taken care of, I am free to go on this trip. This is all for the sake of photos (and/or possible deer jerky... =d).  Anyway, take care! I will eventually post more writing stuff once I find the time and if I am possibly inspired to do so.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do you want from me?  This is the fifth time now you have appeared in my dreams.  Each dream is the same one.  You're smiling at me but each time, your eyes change.  It first was bright, then it was dark and it alternated.  It makes me wonder. I see you smiling but you're hiding something.  Your eyes betray you.  You got really good at hiding your pain, haven't you?  So good that everyone remains oblivious to your pain.  No one knows and life moves on.  But I see it.  I see right past your smile and I see the pain and suffering in your eyes.  I am not ignorant, I am not oblivious to it.  I intend to do something about it.  A long time ago, I would've shrunk away.  Not this time.  Nor ever again.  Let me help you in whatever way I can.  I can help.  Just say the word, and I'm your man.  Just say when.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waking Up

Waking Up by OneRepublic (click to go to song on youtube)

I found verity on Nolan's Avenue
Down where the air is sweet as L.A. skies are blue
The water tried to break it down but it held through
It gave a little for the sake of staying true

We cut ties, we tell lies, we hate change,
And we wanna claim where we feel
We take toes, we rake yours, yeah we dig holes
And we're diggin right in your fears

We're waking up, we're waking up
And right on time, and right on time
We'll take these roads, we'll break them up
And right on time, and right on time

We got cars, we write laws, we won't pause
Don't you know we're always working this hard?
We don't lose, we might bruise, yeah
But we'll rain fire on you till you're playing all your cards

We're waking up, we're waking up
And right on time, and right on time
We'll take these roads, we'll break them up
And right on time, and right on time

On time, right on time
Waking up, waking up, yeah
Ooh, oh, ooh

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Second Conversation

"Well well well, look at where you are now.  Still lost and without guidance."
What do you want?
"You know what I want.  I want the world and its demise.  I want your demise as well."
How do you plan on accomplishing that?
"It's already working."
"The world is already become disgusting and corrupted.  You, on the other hand, I'm wearing you down.  Sooner or  later, you will surrender."
You sound so certain.
"I know I'm certain."
You won't stop me.
"I detect hesitancy in your voice."
There is none.
"I think there is.  Tell me, why are you so confused and lost?"
I'm not confused and lost anymore.
"Why is that?"
Because I know who I was, I know who I am, and I know who I will become.
"And that's supposed to help you?"
It is. Have you noticed that every time you struck me down, I always end up rising again?
"Yes. It angers me."
You cannot stop me.  This time, it's different from that summer.  I know your tricks and your ways of trying to destroy me.  Because of that knowledge I have, I will continue to rise up because I keep discovering answers.
"No longer confused?"
Yes, no longer confused.  Because I decided to search for it instead of waiting for it.  I keep learning and growing from the knowledge I seek from the scriptures.
"What about love? You don't know where she is or how you will find her."
It's true, I don't know where she is, but I know I will find her.  I won't be consumed with looking but, I will still search, and I will find her because I know I'm getting closer.
"You're not going to find her."
I'm done listening to you. You need to leave.
"What's going to stop me from coming back?"
That doesn't matter. I know how to get rid of you. I learned, I have the Spirit, and I can drive you away. You may have power, but so do I.
You're done here. Because everytime you come, I will smile and laugh and be happy because I know that angers you more than anything. That is my promise. I am ready and able.