City Rain

City Rain

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Air

Winter. A time of love between family and friends. Winter. A time for friends to get together and enjoy one another's company.  Winter. One of the best times to take pictures. Winter. A time where snow is magical.  Winter. A time for inspiration for artists, poets, writers, and musicians alike. Winter. A time for making snowmen, snowballs, and memories.
Winter. A time for love.
When the snow first falls, there is excitement all around.  It is a time for renewal and cleansing as the snow blankets the ground, creating a white wonderland.  In the mind of the children, Christmas is coming.  Oh how excited they are!  The joy in their faces as they are told stories of Santa Claus and Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer.  Their determination to be good in time for Santa Claus so that they may get presents.
In the mind of teenagers, it's a time to get along with family and friends.  This is a time for them to hope for winter romances and to hope for miracles.  It is a time for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and other outdoor activities. It is also a time to snuggle up in a warm blanket with hot cocoa and sitting in front of the fireplace, watching the fire and reminiscing about the past, the present, and the future.
In the mind of parents and young married couples, this is a time to do something nice for their family, however small it may be.  They remember what Christmas truly means. But, they must remember the miracle of the falling snow. They must remember, what joy it brings to many, and what joy it brings to themselves when they are with the one they love as they watch the snow fall.

Now whether you be a child, a teen, or an adult, you must remember the true meaning of Christmas and what binds us together when the snow falls. 


Merry Christmas. May you remember.-250

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The boy was running.  He had no idea how he got there, but there he was, running.  He didn't know where he was going or why he was running, but he was still running.  As the boy looked above him, he found birds flying above him, at the exact same speed.  He then looked around and found himself in a familiar place.  He finally was able to stop and take in the sight that surrounded him.  The boy found surprisingly he was in his old neighborhood in which he grew up most of his life.  Everything was the way it was when he was living there.  Then the boy got the strangest urge to run again.  So he started running down the street he knew so well.  All of a sudden, trees began to pop up around him.  The boy kept on running as more trees began to grow at surprising rates.  His neighborhood was quickly becoming a forest.  He kept on running until at last, there were no houses left, just a giant forest.  Then the boy woke up, dripping with sweat, wondering what on earth did the dream mean.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

As the music turned on, the boy disappeared into a world.  A world far different from his own.  He disappeared to a place where he felt at peace, where he felt he could do anything he wanted.  First, he became a hero that moved faster than the speed of light.  He then jumped off a cliff and found that he could fly to anywhere in the world.  He found he could heal people, in more ways than he realized.  He was a mighty soldier that saved his fellow brothers in arms.  He then became a father who had a wonderful wife and children who were destined for greatness.  He then found himself amongst a group of friends at the top of a snowy hillside.  He takes off, starting to ski down a steep snow side, and then goes right off a jump.  The boy felt free, almost close to flying.  He then is in a much different place now.  The boy looks to his sides and finds that he has wings instead of hands, claws instead of feet.  He looks down at his reflection, and finds that he is an owl.  He decides to test out his newfound body.  He gets a running start and soon finds there's no ground left.  The boy closes his eyes and hopes that he will know what to do.  He opens his eyes and finds that he is not falling, but instead flying.  His greatest wish.  The boy flew on, taking in the world at great wonder.  The sheer joy of it was enough to take his breath away.  It felt good, having the wind flow around him like a warm blanket.  The boy felt free from troubles and worries.  For once, he felt like he didn't need anything else in his life.  All he needed was the wind, the sky, and the warm sun on his back.  Then, all at once, he began to fall.  He tried to flap but he wasn't gaining any altitude.  He instead fell, fell, fell until he realized he was back.  Back to reality.  The song was over, but curiously, the feelings of flight never left the boy.  It remained forever within his heart.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It snowed.  The boy got his keys and headed out the door.  He needed this drive.  He needed some time to think.  As he pulled out of the driveway, he looked at his home and then drove off, knowing that he would be safe while on the road.  He continued to drive along the main street of his town, not knowing where this road would take him, he just knew that he was going somewhere.  The boy turned up his Owl City mix and noticed that as he was listening to a song, he saw early Christmas lights.  So many colors of red, blue, yellow, and green.  He soon became lost in a world of color and music while he kept in mind that he needed to focus in order to drive safetly.  The boy had the strangest feeling as he noticed the drivers in front of him and behind him.  He felt a strange kinship to those drivers.  They were all on the road with him, even if they were heading to a different destination or not even going anywhere at all.  Perhaps most of them had the same reason why he was on the road.  Perhaps they needed to clear their heads and think things over.  Whatever the reason, they were on the road with him.  The boy continued until he went past a beautiful building called the Mount Timpanogos Temple.  He slowed down to take a look at this building and noticed that all the rooms were dark and no one was in the parking lot.  Just when he was about to leave the building behind, he saw a bright light within the temple.  The boy stopped and looked back at the temple.  He knew what that bright light was.  He had an overwhelming desire to go inside to see that bright light but he knew that he wasn't ready.  He promised himself that he would be ready for that bright light to visit him, whenever that might be.  He calmly put his car in drive and continued on the road.  The boy watched the scenery go by as he continued driving on the street lit road.  He noticed a beautiful park on his right and kept in mind that he needed to return to this park when he got the chance.  He didn't know why, he just knew that there was something at that park.  Something that he needed to see for himself.  As the boy approached the roundabout, he decided that it was time to go home.  "Will I ever go on trips like these again?" the boy mused to himself.  He decided that whenever he had the opportunity, he would go again.  The boy felt his mind cleared away of all things and found that he felt warm inside.  He knew that Christmas wasn't that far away.  Once the snow truly settled in, the boy knew that something special would happen.  He didn't know when, he just knew something was going to happen.  As the boy finally pulled into his house's driveway, he made a promise to himself.  He would be ready at all times, whatever it may be, he would be ready.  The boy got out of the car, looked into the snow cloud sky and walked inside to his warmth filled house.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alright. I can't take it anymore. I've been trying and trying to avoid this fact but I just can't avoid it anymore. There must be a reason why I keep seeing you in my dreams. Why when I think about you, I feel all excited and feel...different. So what is that reason? It's one that is heard many times, but isn't said with real meaning. If I could go up to you and tell you without fear at all about how I really feel about you, I would. I know I'm head over heels for you but, now isn't the time. It's too early. When the right moment comes, I will tell you everything. I will tell you how I feel about you. But two obstacles remain. Will that feeling stay? Will you ever talk to me again?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, here we are.  You're not talking to me.  I'm a little curious as to why you won't talk to me.  What did I do to make you not talk to me anymore?  Hmm?  I tried to talk to you, get some conversation going, trying to keep our friendship alive, but my efforts are in vain.  You talk to others, comment on other people's responses, except my own.  What did I do?  No matter, I had to expect it sooner or later.  Friends like you never seem to stay for long.  Those friends used to be my closest friends, until they started to fade away.  I remember trying to keep them, find some way to keep them in my life, but all I could do is watch helplessly as they began to slip through my fingers.  You're doing the exact same thing.  Now whether it be intentional or not, it doesn't seem to matter anymore.  You're just giving up.  I did what I could, but apparently, it wasn't enough.  So this is my farewell to you my friend.  Only God knows if our paths shall ever cross again.  And only God will know of this farewell to you.  Goodbye, goodbye.  One thing is for certain though.  I don't think I ever met a person like you.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

I want to go back.  Back to that forest of aspen trees.  I found peace and solitude.  The things that I longed for.  It helped clear my head.  I miss it.  I gained so many answers.  All along the breath of the wind.  Even though I walked alone, I never felt alone.  Would it be so bad if I lived my life alone in that aspen tree forest?  I'd be away from the world, it'd be my own personal sanctuary.  Free to be where the music is untamed and free.  Free for me to find answers to questions I have not even come up with yet.  But, I'm stuck here in the city.  In a place where there the tame lives and where people never sleep.  Is there no peace within the city?