City Rain

City Rain

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Third Conversation

"It has been far too long since our last chat, son of man."
Why are you back?
"I seek your destruction."
That you are. What brings you here serpent?
"You lost friends. You lost so many.  Why is that?"
You know exactly why.
"Tell me, it's very satisfying to hear."
"Come, come, tell me.  I'm not going anywhere."
"Stubborn child. I will tell you myself."
I already know.
"It was all due to your own mistakes."
I know.
"You didn't want to lose those dear to you but you lost them anyway."
I. Know.
"All because you thought they were going to leave you.  Isn't it ironic that in the end, it was you who drove them away?"
"Do you? Even after they left, you lost another one. Then another disappeared.  You almost lost another.  So tell me, why haven't you learned your lesson stupid boy?"
...I have learned.  I had divine intervention with that one.
"I think it was luck that saved that friendship."
It wasn't luck.  I don't believe in luck.
"I do, which is how I got everyone else hooked on it."
Go away.
"You keep saying that, but I keep returning.  It's almost as if you keep bringing me back."
Liar.  You come back of your own will and with that will, you try to impose it upon me and countless others.
"Sure works on the majority.  My tactics will only continue to advance.  Once you leave your home, I'm coming after you with a renewed force."
You're biding your time.
"Precicely.  I'll be at your doorstep."
Go away.
"I'll be back son of man, I'll be back."
Also, I'm a son of God.  Get it right.
"Force of habit.  My apologies, O mighty Son of God."
"You'll see me again.  I guarrantee it."


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