City Rain

City Rain

Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, it's been a while since I was last back here.  The thunderstorms visited me more than twice in a week.  It always brought me peace of mind and comfort.  I have recently been looking back upon my life and upon these previous blog posts and I figured out why I was able to write stuff like that.  It was because of her, who I shall never speak of again, never talk to again, and hopefully, never see again.  Why am I being so cruel? Because I was the one that drove her away. I tried to get close to her, earn her approval, and rushed it instead of taking my time to try to be her friend. For this, she told me to leave her alone for I was a nuisance. I don't blame her. However, it hurt a lot.

It's a curious thing. Everytime something bad like this happens, I find later that there was a lesson that I was supposed to learn from these unpleasant experiences. Before I often wondered why I was supposed to meet her and then drive her away unintentionally. Now I understand why. It was so I could learn to keep my distance and learn patience. That's how I won the other girl's heart and caused me to love again.

There are times though when I wonder what could've happened if only I had kept my distance. But I don't let it trouble me or concern me. For those who are wrapped up in the past will surely miss the future. I still wonder how she is and if she's doing well. I don't hate her or even dislike her. I just can't help but wonder if she's alright.


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