City Rain

City Rain

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The boy found himself walking in some distant land. Walking along the side of a road with no sign of civilization in sight. He kept on walking. As he walked on, he reflected upon past memories. He forsook all companionship, all his friendships, all for one purpose. To find himself and to find salvation for himself. He gave it all up for an addiction that he continued to fight. A war that never seemed to end. Perhaps, he first thought, if he left it all behind, he would never have to revert back to his addiction and suffer another relapse.  If he left it behind, he wouldn't have to feel the heartbreak that came with love, or ever fear of losing his friends. Now that he's here, the boy wondered if this is what he really wanted. If he really wanted to wander for the rest of his life, with no family or friends to visit with him. He was almost certain that this is what he wanted. This was for his salvation. If there was no temptation, there was no suffering, no anger, and no depression. He would never have to feel hurt ever again.

Is this what I want?


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