City Rain

City Rain

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Conversation between A Man and the Devil

"Why can't you sleep?"
I'm restless.
"Why is it hard to go to sleep?"
I can't sleep.
"Why can't you sleep?"
I don't know.
"You're lying.  What's the real reason?"
I just can't.
"Why do you care so much about people you've just met?"
Because its who I am.
"You can't change the world.  You can't even change a life."
What if I did?
"You broke someone's heart.  You went against your creed."
I had no choice.
"You had no choice.  You had a choice to keep it, and you instead threw it away."
You're the liar.  You know exactly why I had to end it.  Why I can't take her back.
"You threw away your second chance with her.  You broke your creed."
Do you even know what my creed is?
"'Never hurt those who know you.'"  Only fools would care about breaking someone's heart."
I stand by those words.  I learned my lesson.
"But I know what you want.  What you want most in this life."
What do I want?
"Hahaha, you want love.  You want someone who believes you are 'something special' and who believes you are 'unlike any other person she has met.'  Grow up already, she's not here.  You thought you found her, didn't you?  Well guess what?  That wasn't her.  She loved you and you broke her heart by leaving her for no apparent reason."
I have a reason.
"Oho?  Pray tell what this reason is."
A gut feeling.
"A gut feeling.  Do you know how pathetic that is?"
It's not.
"Of course it's not.  You think it's the Holy Ghost.  You think that God told you to end it."
I know it was him.  I don't know why He told me but I know it was for a reason.
"Was it worth it?"
I don't know yet.
"You let her go.  You're weak and pathetic.  I feel sorry for whatever girl crosses your way."
I'm weak?  Do you see where I am now?  I beat you that summer, remember?  Because I had help from that same God who told me to break up with her.
"Ah that summer, it was fun watching you suffer, until you started realizing you had a weapon that would strike me down."
Christ.  He brought me back.  He kept me alive while you were taunting me and telling me to end my life.  Why are you here?  You cannot win.  You will not win.  I have His blessing.  He always catches me.
"Because I will not give up until I see you miserable like me.  I'm wearing you down.  You're lost, confused, and are tired."
Then I will never stop relying upon Him.  Even if my heart is broken, even if I never find the girl, even if I feel like quitting, I will never stop relying upon Him.
"Your foolishness amuses me, but still is impressive.  Why do you hope for something that will never come?"
Two things.  I believe in defying the odds and I have faith that I will find her.  You have no power here anymore.  You have no power over my life now.  Leave me now and trouble me no longer.
"Leave?! Leave?!  You can't tell me to LEAVE!
Leave me now.  You have no power, no glory.  You have caused me nothing but misery.  Living in darkness isn't exactly a living.  You cannot extinguish my inner fire.
"I'll be waiting for you, in your moment of weakness.  When that happens, I will come back."
Leave me.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Depart Hence.

The following scripture tells a similar story:
Moses 1: 12-22

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