City Rain

City Rain

Monday, September 27, 2010

Recently, I have been looking back at my life, and I realized that since the summer of 2009 up until the beginning of the summer of 2010, it has been the lowest and darkest time of my life.  How do I know this? I found a poem that I wrote. Hahahaha, I wasn't always a happy smiley guy...

Date: 10/10/09
Title: The Prayer of a Lost Soul

Is anyone there?
Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone hear the cries of a lost soul?
Please, someone hear me.

I strayed from the rod,
I fell away from the path,
I am lost in a mist of darkness,
Please, someone hear me.

The tree of joy is in my sight.
But the closer I get, the farther it is.
I can't reach it.
Please, someone help me.

A man in a white robe says, "Follow me."
I follow him, only to find that I can't find the tree.
I am so lost.
Please, someone bring me back.

I am losing faith. I am losing hope.
I feel so alone.
Who here can I talk to? Who here can I trust?
Please, someone talk to me.

I want peace. I want joy.
But I keep pushing it away.
I failed you my brother.
I'm trying so hard but I failed.

I don't want you to be sad anymore.
I hate causing you so much pain.
I need help coming back.

Please find me in this darkness.
Bring me back to your loving arms.
Be with me in my suffering.
Despite what I've done, don't leave me.

I need you here with me.
More than ever now.
I'm scared of the darkness.
I can't find my way back.

I'm causing so much pain.
So much pain to you, and to my loved ones,
Watching as I wander in the darkness,
Looking for you and them.

Please big brother, come and find me.
I am so sorry for what I've done.
I want to come back, but I am so lost.
Lead me back to your love.
My heart is full of anguish.
I keep on straying.
Please answer when I call.
I want to find my way back.


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