City Rain

City Rain

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, here we are.  You're not talking to me.  I'm a little curious as to why you won't talk to me.  What did I do to make you not talk to me anymore?  Hmm?  I tried to talk to you, get some conversation going, trying to keep our friendship alive, but my efforts are in vain.  You talk to others, comment on other people's responses, except my own.  What did I do?  No matter, I had to expect it sooner or later.  Friends like you never seem to stay for long.  Those friends used to be my closest friends, until they started to fade away.  I remember trying to keep them, find some way to keep them in my life, but all I could do is watch helplessly as they began to slip through my fingers.  You're doing the exact same thing.  Now whether it be intentional or not, it doesn't seem to matter anymore.  You're just giving up.  I did what I could, but apparently, it wasn't enough.  So this is my farewell to you my friend.  Only God knows if our paths shall ever cross again.  And only God will know of this farewell to you.  Goodbye, goodbye.  One thing is for certain though.  I don't think I ever met a person like you.


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