City Rain

City Rain

Saturday, November 27, 2010

As the music turned on, the boy disappeared into a world.  A world far different from his own.  He disappeared to a place where he felt at peace, where he felt he could do anything he wanted.  First, he became a hero that moved faster than the speed of light.  He then jumped off a cliff and found that he could fly to anywhere in the world.  He found he could heal people, in more ways than he realized.  He was a mighty soldier that saved his fellow brothers in arms.  He then became a father who had a wonderful wife and children who were destined for greatness.  He then found himself amongst a group of friends at the top of a snowy hillside.  He takes off, starting to ski down a steep snow side, and then goes right off a jump.  The boy felt free, almost close to flying.  He then is in a much different place now.  The boy looks to his sides and finds that he has wings instead of hands, claws instead of feet.  He looks down at his reflection, and finds that he is an owl.  He decides to test out his newfound body.  He gets a running start and soon finds there's no ground left.  The boy closes his eyes and hopes that he will know what to do.  He opens his eyes and finds that he is not falling, but instead flying.  His greatest wish.  The boy flew on, taking in the world at great wonder.  The sheer joy of it was enough to take his breath away.  It felt good, having the wind flow around him like a warm blanket.  The boy felt free from troubles and worries.  For once, he felt like he didn't need anything else in his life.  All he needed was the wind, the sky, and the warm sun on his back.  Then, all at once, he began to fall.  He tried to flap but he wasn't gaining any altitude.  He instead fell, fell, fell until he realized he was back.  Back to reality.  The song was over, but curiously, the feelings of flight never left the boy.  It remained forever within his heart.


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