City Rain

City Rain

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The boy wasn't quite sure where he was now.  It looked like a snow fall city.  It was night time.  The boy walked around to see if he could find anyone in the snowy night.  All he saw was the pale streetlights all along the road.  It wasn't dark, due to the snow.  He continued to walk, not knowing who he would meet.  All at once, he heard a song that made his heart leap.  He heard bells and music coming from somewhere.  He heard someone singing, "Stay with me, stay with me, the refuge from these broken dreams, wait right here, awake with me, on silent snow filled streets..."  The boy heard the bells much louder this time, filling his heart with warmth on the cold snowy night.  He walked until he found the source of the bells, coming from a tall and beautiful cathedral.  He reached the entrance of the stone building and entered in.  The boy found the cathedral to be very warm and comforting.  The boy sat on a bench and listened to the bells from that New York City cathedral.


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