City Rain

City Rain

Monday, January 10, 2011

The boy grabbed his keys, ran out the door, and turned on the car.  He waited for a few minutes for his car to warm up and then pulled out of the driveway into the streetlit road.  The boy couldn't stay much longer here.  He needed to leave this city.  This city full of bustling cars, jammed up freeways, and parking lots filled with litter and shopping karts.  The boy followed State Street and then turned a right on 8th North and continued onward.  He would pass by his friend's house soon and for a second, wondered if he should take his friend with him.  The boy continued on.  His friend doesn't need to go.  He was always quite content with life anyway.  He wouldn't understand.  The boy reached an intersection and wondered which way he should go.  Either way would be fine.  He then chose the left road which led him to a canyon road.  He followed the road until he reached a shady woodland road.  The boy breahted out a sigh of relief.  He finally got away from the city of concrete into the refuge of the forest road.  The boy felt at peace as he followed the leaf ridden road up the mountain side.  He opened his window, took a breath of cold, crisp air and knew he was home.  The boy reached the summit of the mountain and looked down upon the streetlit city.  It looked beautiful from here, but only he knew what was held within the city.  The boy looked up into the cloudy grey sky and then saw a tiny snowflake fall upon his eye.  He then looked around him and saw that it was snowing.  It was strange.  Even though the snow was supposed to be cold, he inexplicably felt warm on the outside and the inside.


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