City Rain

City Rain

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It was a new year.  Six more months until the boy would finally graduate.  Yet, the boy's mind wasn't on his graduation.  Memories of the past began to visit him.  Old friends, old heartbreaks.  He missed them.  They would never know but he missed his old friends terribly.  He thought he would forget about them, just as they forgot about him but they never left his mind.  He found himself wondering about what was going on in their lives, if they needed him again, like they did before.  The boy knew, however, that he was never going to find out.  He wouldn't be able to meet them again.  He already said his farewells on that graduation day in 2010.  They, however, didn't know that it was the last time they would see the boy.  The boy felt tears welling up on that painful day.  Yet, the boy had the strangest feeling when he went to their graduation on that campus.  Like he was supposed to go there for some purpose.  Would he ever go there?  The boy didn't know.  He felt he should follow his own path instead of following his friends.  But the boy longed to see them again, to see their happy, smiling faces again.


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