City Rain

City Rain

Sunday, April 3, 2011

As I was sitting at home, just checking my Facebook page, I came to a sudden realization. My Life Starts in about two months.  It's scaring me half to death.  I'm graduating in June!  After graduation, it's scout camp counselor until August, then Snow College Fall Semester, then after that, I'll be going on my mission once I turn 19.  It's coming too fast for me.  Granted, I really wanted to be out of high school but now that it's becoming reality, it's scaring me.  It's really scaring me.  It's like the deep breathe before the plunge off the cliff.  I really don't know what to expect in the upcoming years.  What trials await me.  Not a clue.  I've had ideas before but that was because I knew what to expect for the next year.  Not this time.  This time, I'll be on my own, away from my parents, for the first time, I'm on my own.  I'll have to provide for myself.  How the heck am I gonna do that?! 
Then there's the heart matter.  To be honest, that frightens me more than anything.  As each day passes, I get the strangest feeling.  She's getting closer.  It's exciting but also really scary.  However, I learned something recently from the 181st General Conference, from President Monson.  I have to be the one, not look for the one.  I just need to be the best I can be, and she'll find me that way.  I always have wondered who she will be.  What she is like.  All I can say is, I hope she's like me, a kindred spirit if you will.  I don't know, I'm scared out of my mind.  All I know is that I'm supposed to trust and rely upon the Lord and He'll take care of the rest.  Gotta get into that mind set in the upcoming months.  I know He'll be listening, He just needs to make sure I don't get lost as I go out into the world.  Here goes nothing, wish me luck, and see you whenever it rains.


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