City Rain

City Rain

Monday, April 25, 2011

"You should always write the name of the person you love in a circle, not a heart, because hearts break and circles last forever." - Unknown.

I guess you can kind of figure what this is about.  I know this one girl.  She is beautiful beyond description and she's like an angel upon the earth.  She's a very happy person, she's a music lover, and she's in constant fascination with the rain and snow.  Her personality is just amazing.  She's just amazing in general.  What she doesn't realize, however, is what she really means to me.  Whenever I'm around her, I always feel happy, uplifted, and makes me want to be a much better person.  Rarely do people do that for me.  Another thing she does, which she'll never know, is that she protects me.  The devil recently came to tempt me with an old sin that often got me in the past.  This time, he didn't win.  What drove him away this time was the thought of her.  She somehow was like a defense or a shield that protected me.  There's only one other person who did that for me.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Another thing she unknowingly did was this: I recently got into a kind of a fight with my sister and we didn't speak to each other for about 5 minutes.  Why 5 minutes?  I somehow imagined the girl gently scolding me and told me to forgive my sister.  Which I did. 

I don't know if I'll ever be able to show my gratitude to her for what she unknowingly did.  One, it'd be creepy if I told her.  Two, sometimes, it's better if these things stay quiet and within my own mind.  Regardless, thank you beautiful angel.  You're one of the angels I was asking for in prayer.  If I'm not the one that wins your heart, then I wish the man who does with the best of luck and blessings of a long and happy life with you.


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