City Rain

City Rain

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So it's raining again today.  It's always special when it rains.  Whenever it does rain, I like to imagine that God made it especially for me.  Like everytime I step outside, it's like the rain knows I'm outside, so it begins to rain harder, just for me.  The rain is a friend that is seldom seen, but always reliable whenever it shows its face.  It listens, it sympathizes, and it brings comfort.  To those who pay attention, there's a sort of magic quality to it.  Even though a person's heart has been shattered, it is cleansed and healed by the qualites of rain.  For those who have anger and hatred against someone and the world, their hearts are cooled and their roars of fury and anguish evaporates by the soothing droplets of rain.  It's even better when lightning is seen and thunder is heard.  For those who seek sanctuary in the rain, it brings them hope, it uplifts them.  Why? Because it gives them proof that God is there.  That God exists.  That God is listening.  To them, it doesn't matter what will come, so long as the lightning flashes and the thunder booms, nothing will bring them down.


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