City Rain

City Rain

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do you want from me?  This is the fifth time now you have appeared in my dreams.  Each dream is the same one.  You're smiling at me but each time, your eyes change.  It first was bright, then it was dark and it alternated.  It makes me wonder. I see you smiling but you're hiding something.  Your eyes betray you.  You got really good at hiding your pain, haven't you?  So good that everyone remains oblivious to your pain.  No one knows and life moves on.  But I see it.  I see right past your smile and I see the pain and suffering in your eyes.  I am not ignorant, I am not oblivious to it.  I intend to do something about it.  A long time ago, I would've shrunk away.  Not this time.  Nor ever again.  Let me help you in whatever way I can.  I can help.  Just say the word, and I'm your man.  Just say when.


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