City Rain

City Rain

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Second Conversation

"Well well well, look at where you are now.  Still lost and without guidance."
What do you want?
"You know what I want.  I want the world and its demise.  I want your demise as well."
How do you plan on accomplishing that?
"It's already working."
"The world is already become disgusting and corrupted.  You, on the other hand, I'm wearing you down.  Sooner or  later, you will surrender."
You sound so certain.
"I know I'm certain."
You won't stop me.
"I detect hesitancy in your voice."
There is none.
"I think there is.  Tell me, why are you so confused and lost?"
I'm not confused and lost anymore.
"Why is that?"
Because I know who I was, I know who I am, and I know who I will become.
"And that's supposed to help you?"
It is. Have you noticed that every time you struck me down, I always end up rising again?
"Yes. It angers me."
You cannot stop me.  This time, it's different from that summer.  I know your tricks and your ways of trying to destroy me.  Because of that knowledge I have, I will continue to rise up because I keep discovering answers.
"No longer confused?"
Yes, no longer confused.  Because I decided to search for it instead of waiting for it.  I keep learning and growing from the knowledge I seek from the scriptures.
"What about love? You don't know where she is or how you will find her."
It's true, I don't know where she is, but I know I will find her.  I won't be consumed with looking but, I will still search, and I will find her because I know I'm getting closer.
"You're not going to find her."
I'm done listening to you. You need to leave.
"What's going to stop me from coming back?"
That doesn't matter. I know how to get rid of you. I learned, I have the Spirit, and I can drive you away. You may have power, but so do I.
You're done here. Because everytime you come, I will smile and laugh and be happy because I know that angers you more than anything. That is my promise. I am ready and able.


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